Ghetto Lodz Registry book

Remember Jewish Lodz! 

In Yad Vashem, near the Hall of Names, in the main Exhibition premises, there is one room, dedicated to Ghetto Lodz.

There are 5 volumes with the names, addresses before and after Ghetto times, dates of birth, dates of transportation or death in the Ghetto and other data, of all the people lived in Lodz during the Holocaust, in the ghetto and until its liquidation in 1944. There are 204000 names altogether.

From the plaque above these books I read:

These are the population registry books contain the records that were kept by the Lodz Ghetto Judenrat. The records were kept on the basis of apartment house addresses and were updated continuously from the timethe ghetto was established until its liquidation in August 1944.

The records include the surnames, first names, gender, date of birth, occupation, ghetto address and former address of each inhabitant, along with comments such as dates of relocations within the ghetto, new address, death and deportation.

the Germans did not have an opportunity to destroy the massive documentation left behind in the ghetto offices and in many of the dwellings; the population registry is may be the only surviving documents.

After the war, the registry was deposited with the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw, where it remained until 1967. When a wave of antisemitism swept Poland that year, the government asked the jewish Historical Institute to return the documents to the state Archives in Lodz, where they remain today.

With the generous assistance of the Organization of Former residents of Lodz in Israel, Yad Vashem purchased a photocopy of the registry from the State Archives in Lodz.

When the decision to publish the register was made, the records were rearranged by inhabitants' names in alphabetical order, instead of the original listing by addresses, and duplicate entries were deleted.

The project was carried out by Yad Vashem and the Organization of Former Residents of Lodz in Israel.

The following abbreviations are used in the notes:

ABG or WYN: change of address
AG or AUSG: Deportation date
GEST or ZMARCA: Deceased
PRZ - Transferred.

The books are available also at the Lodz Landsmanschaften in Israel and in various public libraries.

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