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The "Yizkor" Book of Gombin (Gąbin)- Translation of the Yiddish Part and the English Part

Project initiated by the Gombin Society May 1998.

The Translation in JewishGen Translation Book Section

 The book:

"Gombin: The Life and Destruction of a Jewish Town in Poland",
" Gombin: dos lebn un umkum fun a Yiddish shtetl in Poylin"
Gombiner Landsmanschaft in America, New York, 1969

List of Contents

 The Editorial Board Consisted of:
Jack Zicklin
Yetta Rafel
Henry Grunbaum
Jacob Celemenski
Abram Seideman
David Burns
Paul Tyber

Secretary Editor: A. Shulman

  The Yiddish part, translated to Hebrew by my late father, Meir Holtzman who was born in Gombin 1914 and left the shtetl on July 1939. He died 16 September 1998, before seeing his work, for which he dedicated the last months of his life, completed and published in Hebrew. He was very hopeful that the Yizkor book will be published in Hebrew so that descendants from Gombin will learn about the heritage of their ancestors, their life in the shtetl, their dreams and their tragedy... He worked very hard to achieve this, but his sudden illness followed by his death, kept him from seeing this project fulfilled. This web page is dedicated to his memory.

  Translations made by Dr. Ida Cohen Selavan Schwarcz - Israel, Ada Holtzman & Clarice Gostinsky Horelick

  In January 2000: All Translatins Were Donated to JewishGen: Yizkor Project

  How I Got a Copy of the Yizkor book of Gombin

 Selected Articles

Mikolai Gibs: Memorial - pages Y 5 - 6

Jacob M. Rothbart: Jewish Artisans in Gombin Y 28

M. Guyer: the Social and Cultural Life Y 49

Haim Rejfl: the Public Work Y 53

Michael Rozenblum: Gombin and its Rabbis Y 60

Wolf Maintczik: "The Sport Associations in Gombin", pages Y 94-96.

Jacob Grziwacz: "Khurban Gombin" -The Destruction of Gombin - pages Y 102-103

Henry Greenbaum M.D.: My Shtetl Gombin - Reminiscences Of a Lost World E25-41

Jacob M. Rothbart: A Monograph of the Shtetl Gombin E 13-23

Albert Greenbaum: Saved by a Peasant Family pages E: 56-E66

Rose Greenbaum Dinerman from Gombin: Survived as an "Aryan" pages E: 67-78

Ben Guyer: "In the Gombin Ghetto and in the Nazi Camps", pages E 104-114

Jack Frankel: "Gombin Children in Nazi Camps", pages E 141-145

 Abraham Zeideman: "Survived in Soviet Russia" pages: E 146-162

List of Contents


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