My Holcman family from Gombin (Gabin), Poland.

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Lejzer Holcman born in the beginning of the 19th century in Gombin had one son: Zalman Holcman (1833-1922), who was my great grandfather.
Zalman married Lea Kerber from Gombin (Gabin) Poland and run a fruit and eggs commerce. Zalman lived until the age of 89, and kept all his teeth. When he used to be asked how he has all his teeth still, he used to answer "I brush my teeth every day with a small glass of vodka"... One of his sisters, Sara, married Icze (Icchak) Menasze Stern from Dobrzykow. The source of almost all the information is the testimony of Channa Kaliczewski (nee Stern) and Eliahu Stern, May 1998.

Zalman and Lea Holcman had 6 children born in Gombin:

   Eliahu Holcman Y
My grandfather - 1866-1823, married Rasza nee Zlotnik and had 10 children. Only two survived: my father Meir and my aunt Channa. Only one girl, Perla, died natural death in the age of 8 years old.
7 others, with their spouses and little children perished in the Holocaust - 27 all together.

  Mindel (Minna) Holcman Y
Married Szaul Sztern from Dobrzykow , a first cousin, and had 5 children: Dyna, Golda Icchak, Eliahu and Channa.
Golda died from sickness. Dyna and Icchak, his wife and two children:
Mordechai and Sara, with the parents Mindel and Szaul Stern perished in the Holocaust.

  Rajzel Holcman Y
Married Goldman in Gombin.Their children in Gombin were:
- Bluma Goldman married Boczki, and died young, before the war. She left one child Herszel.
Another daughter was Channa Sara, who married afterwards the same Boczki.
3 children were born later: Zalman, Rajzel and Srulik Israel. They raised Herszel. All perished in the Holcocaust.
- Golda Goldman married the brother of Bocki who was a khassid. They had a baby. Their end if known...
- Fajga Mindel married Chanan Dawid - his surname not known. He was also a khassid. Their children were: Sara, who immigrated to France, Herszel, Mosze, Rywka and Mendel. Everyone perished in the Holocaust.
- Gerszon Goldman was married to Rosa. They had two children: Israel (Srulik) and Rajzel, called after her grandmother. All perished. See more about the tragic circumstances of Rajzel Goldman murder at the Gombin web page, at:

  Fajga Holcman Y
Married Nathan Tiber, and was a widow who sold lime, used for keeping the eggs in the summer, in order to sell in the winter, and she fought very hard to make a living for her family. She had two children: One daughter whose name is not recalled and Hersz who married Raca Zolna in Gombin and had 2 children: Natek and another one. All the family was murdered in the Holocaust.

  Cirel Holcman Y
Married Wojdeslawski in Lodz. They were considered to be very rich family and large in quantity. Not much information is known about this branch. All disappeared in the Holcoaust, died without leaving any traces.

 Gerszon Holcman Y

Was married but unfortunately nearly no information is availablefor this branch. He was a cousin, and lived in Gombin. He came from Lithuania and his nickname was:

  Israel Holcman Y
Who was Israel Holtzman?
I knew nothing about him until a week ago, when all of a sudden, my dear father mentioned that he vaguely remembers that his fatherhad a brother who emigrated from Poland before he was born. But where to?when? how? Never any contact, no information, no knowledge, just a vague sudden flash of memory, sprung out of the blue...
I called up Channa and Eli Stern, only living cousins from the Holcman family, who confirmed to me that there was one uncle who left to SCOTLAND, and when the news of his death arrived, they hid it from their mother, Mindel, to save her the pain. No other information was available.
I contacted Tony Stern, a devoted Jewsihgenner from UK, also a newly found relative of the Sterns, my cousins, but from their father side, a volunteer himself for shtetl CO-OP Plock (and I am the Plockoordinator:-) as you know), asking to help me with this. As a result of Tony Stern's intervention, and within less than a day, Mr. Harvey Kaplan, a professional genealogist from Glasgow contacted me, telling me that Israel Holtzman died in 1932 and is buried in Glasgow. He gave me ALL the genealogist information of Israel Holcman - including maiden name of my great grandmother whom no one knew about.
Than, more important to me than anything, Mr. Harvey Kaplan informed me that Israel Holcman left only one granddaughter, Esme Shapiro who is happily alive and is Harvey's close friend herself, in Glasgow Scotland... Mr. Harvey Kaplan himself has roots in ...Plock..., as his maternal grandmother was nee Linderman, from Plock...


Isn't it a small world? and how true is the saying that the internet makes the whole world one cyber village... So this is the story how I found a living second cousin, Esme, in Scotland.

Realizing the background from which all this "mishpachtology" emerged, the disaster of the Holocaust, while the only surviving members of the Holcmans are now over 80s... Finding my new cousin, branch of our Holcman broken tree, meant more than I can express...

I thank Harvey Kaplan from Scotland from the bottom of my heart for his efficient and quick assistance to my family, and making us re-united with a lost family branch.

I would be grateful for any additional information you may have of my other branches of my family from Gombin, Poland and shed more light on the Holcman odyssey.


Ada Holtzman

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