We Remember Jewish Czestochowa!

This stone shall be a witness unto us... (Joshua; 24;27)

List of the tombstones discovered and documented in the Jewish Cemetery of Czestochowa. This has been a commemoration project, by the initiative of Czestochowa Jewish Landtsmanshaften in Israel; guided and performed by Benjamin Yaari, with the participation of youth missions from Israel.

Poland, 7.4.97 - 1.5.97
The brochure with the information published by Benjamin Yaari in Israel 1.3.1998.

Editor: Benjmain Yaari
Data processed by volunteer: Ada Holtzman
Typing by volunteers: Uri Ben Dor, Daphna Harrari, Ada Holtzman

The Research Group, Founded in 2003

A Map

Benyamin Yaari: Introduction

Benyamin Yaari: Notes and Explanations

The Jewish Community of Czestochowa

Czestochowa during WWII

Czestochowa in the AJGS: International Jewish Cemetery Project

Leon Scher from Czestochowa

Map of the Cemetery

The List

Shoah Victims Commemorated on Existing Tombstones

More Pictures of Matzevot in the Deserted Cemetery of Czestochowa

ROZENCWAIG Miriam z"l, Daughter of Jakob, Wife of Meir, Died 1916, Number 2020

Last updated July 26th 2011 (first posted in 2002)