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4th Appeal Sent by Ada Holtzman (Israel), 9 January 1999.

Dear Mlawa descendants and survivors...

I have been in contact with you in the past, regarding Mlawa, your ancestors' home town. I posted your inquiries and sent them all to the Israeli Landsmanschaften in israel, chairman Moshe Peles, who has been asked to reply, is possible. When he does, I shall send you his answers.

At the meantime, me and Robert Tachna are also working on transliterating the microfilms filmed by the Mormons for the years: 1826-1865. See more details at my web page, for JRI Shtetl CO-OP Mlawa at:
The project is very slow, because there are not enough volunteers, and some who volunteered found it too difficult to transcribe the hard to read Polish old hand writing. I hope within the next few months we shall be able to conclude this as well.

Robert Tachna and myself re-type and post on the web the translated unique article of Dr. Zeev Yunis: "The Old Hometown" 14 chapters out of the 17 are already available, and an index will be added also. It is a rare monograph about the shtetl life and history, containing hundreds of names, documenting in a unique fashion the institutions, personalities, way of life, believes and dreams of the Jewish people of Mlawa.

Now there has been initiated another genealogical enormous project, by JRI Jewish Records Indexing - Poland. They signed an historic agreement with the Polish States Archives, indexing the vital records, never filmed by the Mormons, of the late 19th century. Mlawa was among the first towns which the Polish authorities agreed to open to Jewish researchers and through the cooperation agreement with JRI all the work of transliteration has been completed already. It only need to be paid for, and it will go on-line!

$798 is the payment due for this venture. Stan Zeidenberg from Canada volunteered to lead the fund raising project for Mlawa. You might have received some of his messages before. Now the great news is that only $229 is still needed to be raised!

It means that $569 has been collected by donors, and the target is very very close.

Please contribute with open heart for you and for your children and grandchildren... to know from where their ancestors came from, to enable people from Mlawa reconstruct their family tree, to have a link to your parents' past and heritage. Please do help this project, make this happen, contribute just little more...

I have also no roots in Mlawa, except deep sentiments to a lost Jewish shtetl. Please honour your own ancestors, your own family, your own genealogy...

Contributions should be sent to:

Jewish Records Indexing - Poland Project
c/o Sheila Salo, Treasurer
5607 Greenleaf Road
Cheverly, MD 20785

Please specify "Mlawa Archives project and the name of your town or towns" on the 'For' line of your cheque. Sheila will keep me posted.
If it is more convenient for you to make your contribution by Visa credit card,
NOTE for U.S. citizens: JRI-Poland in a non-profit U.S. Corporation and has 501 tax-exempt status. Your donations will be tax-deductible.For more background on the JRI-Poland / Polish State Archives project, click here for the issued at the conference in Los Angeles... or click here for the full text - with slides - of the presentation
and announcement :

Thank you very much, toda, SHALOM,

Ada Holtzman
Tel Aviv

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