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RE: The last testament of Faivish Kamlazh from Gombin


It is still 17 April 1998, and is still time for you to light a memorial candle at your home, as this date, 56 years ago is most probably the day the Gombin Jews were murdered in Chelmno. And we have to remember!

I have the evidence in the book: "ALEI MEROROT" by rabbi Aaronson, who was the rabbi of Sanniki and who documented the life in the concentration camp Konin, where the men selected for slavery among the Gombiners and the other Jews from the small towns of the Warthegau district were transported to. He also recorded in details the liquidation of the Jews in those towns.

In the last page of the "The scrolls from the slaves house" (see chapter 48 in Theo Richmond book: "Konin - a quest"), appeared now in the book "ALEI MEROROT" in Hebrew, page 130 is written:

***17 April 1942, "transported" the Jews of Gostynin (about 1000 Jews) and Gombin***

In addition, here is the translation of the last letter, the testament of Faivish Kamlazh, from Gombin, son in law of Avrham Neidorff, who were the partners of the Lajb Kerber, which had a large tannery in Gombin. The family originally lived in Plock. The letter was saved and was given to Dora Makow from Haifa, sister-in-law of Faivish Kamlazh.

I believe that this letter appears now, complete, translated into English for the first time.

The testament appears in page 321-322 with remarks in parenthesis. I have already sent many messages in the past regarding the revolt which took place in Konin and Faivish Kamlazh and Avraham Neidorff were among the heroes. WE SHALL NOT FORGET!


The last testament of Faivish Kamlazh:


Konin Concentration Camp, 9.8.1943

My beloved!

I shall tell you in a few words the circumstances of our whereabouts until today.
On 8 March 1942 I arrived me, my dearest father-in-law, cherished by everybody, to the concentration camp Konin. 868 Jewish men were brought here.

I shall name it "happiness" what happened to me, that I was selected to be among the "Jewish elteren" and by this fact I could keep the life of dear father, as long as I myself is still alive. On 17 April 1942, all our family members from Gombin were transported, among them our beloved mother Marishia and our dear daughter Patricia. What this transportation mean, I know for a fact - they are no more alive.

How our lives have been you can imagine to yourselves, I was left with only one desire: keep the life of our dear father, so that once we can still see each other, but... it wished differently, and it had to be otherwise.

Already on Monday, when the Gestapo took our papers, we know for sure, that a death sentence was adjudicated upon us. there is one Goy here who wish to take him to his place, even if by this he sentence himself to death, but I have decided not to separate from my beloved father. You can find out about it from Max Pokeribka from Poznan, Garbarska street.

Let it not seen by you as act of cowardice or frivolity, we are not like that at all.
But what our eyes saw was enough and nothing left for us to live for. I also attach the photograph of dear Marishia and our beloved boy who was born on 22 February 1940 and perished with Marishia and with our dear mother.

Me and some of my friends intend to act like Samson, if only we shall succeed and get the opportunity to do so. From Marek and Leon, form my parents and their families there was no news for over a year. It means that death has reached them too.

Details about our lives you can have from Max Steinhaker from Hamburg, who lived in Altuna, and may be also from Woclaw Wonszinewski from Gombin (a Pole who worked with Neidorff and Kamlazh in Gombin and visited them illegally once and from whom they learned about the fate of the Jews of the district, from a letter of rabbi Aaronson to Zvi Shner) or Yosele Kanterowski from Nislusz, Konin district (a Pole - chief cook in the Konin camp - same letter) .

I write this letter at the last moments of my life, and only one last request I have and is: REVENGE. Whatever you will revenge - will be too little. Me and dear father sends you our love, Fania, Judasz, Dora, Samek, Jehoram, Genia, Sonia and Amira.







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